Happy-Gut Tip #11


Tender Loving Care for Your Belly



By Julia Loggins

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gut health is improved with stress release

Ask for Help to Minimize Stress and Maximize Your Gut Health!

OK, maybe the two lists I just wrote about—your grocery list and lifeline list—are sacred, but all other to-do lists can be pieces of paper that we torture ourselves with. Do you ever notice that the longer the lists, the less you actually accomplish, and the worse you feel about yourself? This is negative juju for our tummies and for states of mind!


I do not mean the sensible timeline we make for mapping out big projects. I mean the pipe dream lists we make while on hold with the phone company, listing everything from “clean the basement” to “paint the bathroom” to “get a PhD.”


Confession—I am a list maker. But, I have learned a secret about how to use this in my favor; after I make the list, I stand back and look at it to determine what is really needed. The things that need immediate attention move to the top. It’s easier to follow through, because only one or two things are ever a high priority.


Then I see what I can delegate. We do not all have personal assistants to go the UPS store for us—I don’t—but the truth is, we all have more help around us than we can imagine. We have kids, partners, friends, and parents who are always asking, “Can I help? You’re so busy! What can I do?” You know this to be true, right?


For years, my fiancée let me know that he was available to pick up my daughter from school when I was working, but I had a hard time letting him help. I felt that I should be able to do everything myself. WRONG! I was basically saying to him and everyone close to me: “I’m not available to be spoiled, cared for, supported, or loved!” Yet, at the same time, I was angry, resentful, exhausted, and depleted. Yes, that is crazy.


release stress by asking for help. Colon health depends on  stress free environment

Let Your Friends Help You!

This is what I know: People who love and care about us feel GOOD when they help. They feel trusted. They feel important. When helping, their lives gain purpose and meaning—things money can’t buy. We all need each other; and we need to let each other know that.


Gold Star Happy-Gut Reminder: Ask for help, and learn to receive it gracefully. I am still learning.