How to Eliminate Sugar Effortlessly!

Eliminate Sugar to be Easy-Peasy Sugar-Free!

Julia loggins Offers Cleansing for energy to eliminate sugar

I developed my program to save my life which included my quest to eliminate sugar. The question everyone asks me is, how do you maintain a clean, sugar-free diet if your life is not at stake? The solutions for this is not about willpower. White-knuckling it will not work, long term. However, being able to eliminate sugar is not a measurement of your strength or character. For some people, eating clean is relatively easy, and for others, it is the hardest thing in the world. In three decades of assisting people heal their bodies and shift their diet, I discovered the four keys that allow change to be effortless as well as permanent.

Seasonal Cleanses–Hello, Happy Gut Makeover

If you commit 7-21 days to a cleansing diet, three to four times a year, over time, that program will become your lifestyle. Scientific research supports this by explaining how our neural pathways work. New habits, associated with good feelings and rewards, replace the old, dysfunctional ones. Consequently, our brain says, “Mmm, that hot cocoa with cinnamon oat cream and monk fruit sweetener makes me feel just the way my mom’s hot coca made me feel! I like that!” That’s why I teach the Happy Gut Makeover Cleanses. What fun to be in a supportive group environment for transformation. Connecting with a group makes what may seem impossible easy-peasy! The tools, information and products are right at your fingertips.

Colon Cleansing–Letting Go of the Past

Toxins cause cravings. And I am not just talking about substances like sugar, alcohol–but emotional poisons as well. When our lives and colons can dump the junk, our mood is elevated; our toxic wastebasket is emptied and we tap into a fabulous treasure chest of joy and energy. As the toxins let go, so do our cravings, as well as the grip of these substances have on our well-being. Eighty percent of my clients who do regular colon hydrotherapy or coffee enemas kick their toxic habits and maintain new ones.

Happy Gut Tips in Your Own Home Spa! Food Combining tips

The Wounds That Bind Us

We all carry around past wounds. Indeed, some of us have experienced painful, fractured childhoods. If we do not heal these wounds, then we can forget actually maintaining a clean diet. However, toxins such as sugar appear to heighten our senses, but in reality over time, those toxins deaden and numb us. Effortlessly choosing to make good choices means that we actually like ourselves, and deserve to feel good. I always credit the Hoffman Process with giving me the tools to heal my childhood and embrace self-love in a genuine way. If you are ready to cleanse, whatever path you choose, make 2019 the year you commit to healing your past.

Subtract Before You Add

Have you ever tried to stuff a garbage bag with one last thing while it is bursting at the seams? Our bodies are the same. Therefore, we need to clean the old crap out before we put in the new! To effortlessly embrace new habits–detox and cleansing needs to come first. Focused on detox and assimilation, my products can get you that boost you need to get started fast. Additionally, my Protein Power, takes almost no energy for your body to digest. Our job is to help our bodies eliminate sugar and other toxins so that they can do what bodies do: heal!

Join me and jump in to the Happy Gut Makeover Cleanse, starting January 13! In this Bugs Be Gone Cleanse, eliminating bugs and parasites is our main focus. Lastly, if you sign up now and receive three FREE products–Enzyme Energy, Happy Gut Cleanse and Bugs Be Gone!

cleanse for weight loss and to conquer parasites
Happy Gut Cleanse 2019–BYE BYE BUGS

Join us on January, 13, 2019 for the six-week BYE BYE BUGS & PARASITE CLEANSE, as we are focusing this winter’s HAPPY GUT CLEANSE on eliminating bugs, bacteria and parasites. Enjoy the support, information, camaraderie and community as you flatten your tummy, boost your metabolism, dump those extra holiday pounds and get those bugs out of your system!

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