Happy-Gut Tip #12


Tender Loving Care for Your Belly


By Julia Loggins

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ask for help on your journey to health and wellness

Reach out for Support to Achieve Health & Wellness

In It Takes Guts to Be Happy!, I talk about creating your safety net. I recommend finding a “Cleansing Buddy” for the 21-Day Cleanse. Healing is not something we can do alone. Even if you are the most self-reliant, independent person on the planet, the ability to heal relates directly to the level of security we feel, and the strength of our connections to those on our “Emergency Call” lists.


If you have always been a social person with lots of friends, those friendships may be tested when going through a long illness and need consistent support. On the other hand, if you’re taking a big risk such as breaking out of old, toxic lifestyle patterns, that could also be challenging for your current group of friends. That is why a solid and genuine safety net of healthy, honest friends is so vital to your success and happiness.


This might be the moment to go outside your comfort zone and find some new faces at a workshop or support group: AA, Al-Anon, a local survivors group. You might meet that new healing buddy at a yoga class, a sponsored Sierra Club hike or healthy cooking seminar. Open your arms and your heart.


release stress by asking for help. Colon health depends on stress free environment

Let Your Friends Help You!

It is not weak to ask for help. It is not weak to say out loud that you feel crappy and scared. It is hard enough for women to do this, as we are fighting for job equality; but there is so little room in our society for men to be vulnerable. Yet, asking for help is our key to healing. Do not let past losses and betrayals keep you from moving forward. Your tribe is out there—find them. And let them find you.


Happy-Gut Reminder: It only takes one helpful friend to feel that you have gained a whole world of support.