Happy-Gut Tip #08


Tender Loving Care for Your Belly



By Julia Loggins

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The gut responds instantly to our surroundings. Before our brain can form the words, “Stressful!” our bellies instantly feel if the room they’re in is welcoming and calm. How well can any of us think or respond when our bellies are in a knot? Since our kitchen is the heart of our home, our gut is especially sensitive to its energy.

Clean, organized kitchen makes for a happy and secure family

Clean, organized kitchen makes for a happy and secure family

As you walk in, do you see various papers scattered everywhere? Spot dirty dishes in the sink? Are counter spaces filled with junk mail, unpaid bills, and yesterday’s coffee mugs?


Although I have always appreciated a clean kitchen, it took me over five decades to dedicate myself to the daily decluttering of mine. I am not perfect; I am a reformed slob! In writing It Takes Guts To Be Happy, I carefully chose recipes that are delicious and simple to make; and while testing them in my own kitchen, I was reminded how hard it is to find the energy to make a lovely dinner if I had to spend even fifteen minutes scrubbing pots and pans first. We are all overly busy people. But, if you can view your kitchen clean-up as a form of meditation, preparing your space to cook in, to catch up with loved ones, to relax in, it’s much easier to give yourself the time to do it.

Remember, nothing takes the “emotional temperature” in a room faster than your gut. If you love your belly, it will definitely love you. Make your kitchen—and of course, the rest of your home and workspace—into an environment that supports and nurtures your gut wisdom.


Happy-Gut Reminder: Ask an organizationally-gifted friend to spend an evening helping you declutter. You’ll be so glad you did!