Happy-Gut Tip #09


Tender Loving Care for Your Belly



By Julia Loggins

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healthy colon with fresh fruits and vegetables

Being Organized with a Grocery List is Key to Creating Health

Grocery lists are a huge time saver. Whether write your list on your phone, or use the one at the beginning of the 21-Day Cleanse in It Takes Guts to Be Happy! find a system that works. Writing items on random bits of paper is not one of them—I know this from experience! Who wants to get all the way home from the store, starving and ready to cook, and discover that you forgot a key ingredient? This is especially true when you’re on the 21-Day Cleanse, and eating clean; you will want to have exactly what you need at your fingertips.


healthy foods for the colon

Shopping with a Grocery List Will help you Buy Belly Loving Foods

Before you leave the house, look at any recipes you want to try, and make sure those ingredients are on the list. Peruse your pantry and double check your refrigerator. Think about what you’ll eat for lunch every day for a week; and then, think about the people you are responsible for cooking or shopping for. It can make someone’s day to have their favorite non-dairy ice cream or gluten-free treat in the house. I like to buy my organic fruits and vegetables fresh from the store on the corner near my house … but that means one more trip to one more store. I have to plan the time for that, usually on Sunday.


The more organized you are, the easier it is to prepare and eat fresh food. Remember the old saying, “Don’t shop hungry”? It is true to some degree; yet, sometimes, being hungry—or enduring hungry kids while shopping—might inspire us beyond routine recipes to experiment with something new. Anyone can get in a rut with food. Be brave when grocery shopping.


Happy-Gut Reminder: Take a few extra minutes to organize. A grocery trip without a grocery list may be a trip you will need to make twice!