QUIZ: Micro-Bugs—What You Can’t See Might Hurt You!

Life is a cycle, with bugs, bacteria, and parasites are all around us, as well as in us. Those tiny bugs cannot be seen by the naked eye! With hundreds and thousands of types of bugs, how would you know if one of these is thriving in your gut or in your system?

Normally, testing is expensive, somewhat unreliable, and not conclusive. Personal observation is one of the best ways to determine the likelihood of a habitation of bugs and parasites. If you would like to know if your body is showing a pattern of a parasite infestation, take this quiz.

1. Are you depressed or feel apathetic towards things you used to enjoy?
2. Do you struggle to focus or experience brain fog?
3. Are you suffering form unexplained rashes or skin irritations?
4. Do you get indigestion or acid reflux after meals?
5. Is constipation or diarrhea, or a combination of both an issue?
6. Are you experiencing pain or aching in your body?
7. Do you experience fatigue or exhaustion?

8. Do you crave sugar and carbohydrates?
9. Is your stomach bloated and distended?

10. Is your stomach gassy?

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