Introducing The Yeast Be Gone Cleanse!

“What is Candida and Yeast Overgrowth?”

Yeast infections most likely caused by Candidas Molecule

Candidas Molecule

Just exactly what is a yeast overgrowth? Do you ever suffer from gas and bloating? How about those undiagnosed pesky skin rashes or that unrelenting vaginal itching? Perhaps you have you taken antibiotics lately?

Have doctors prescribed you too many rounds of antibiotics when you were young? As a result, have you grown vulnerable to yeast and fungal infections, like me?

Happy Gut Tips in Your Own Home Spa! Food Combining tips

After fighting with out-of-control yeast overgrowth for decades, I had tried nearly every formula I could find. In time, I found a blend of herbs to able heal this painful yeast overgrowth condition. In this blog, I present the YEAST BE GONE CLEANSE–my newest product for you! Now, when a nasty Candida yeast infection calls on you, we have an good answer.

Stress Alone Can Cause Yeast Overgrowth

Yes, I want you also to know that stress alone can upset the body’s sensitive microbial balance. Therefore, even without antibiotic, sugar and alcohol abuse; stress induced yeast infections are still possible. Now, you may treat yourself when the symptoms appear with YEAST BE GONE CLEANSE. The formula is a blend of herbs, essential oils–and sodium caprylate, a derivative of caprylic acid. Also added in, is a naturally forming fatty acid to balance microbial flora without disturbing the balance of the intestinal tract. And, this formula supports the body’s immune system, as well the gastrointestinal tract.

Yeast Overgrowth Symptom

We often link Candida problems or yeast overgrowth to vaginal yeast infections. But a Candida infection can also be the cause of headaches, gas, bloating, allergies, fatigue, as well as depression. A common issue for women, as well as for men, I wrote a chapter about yeast overgrowth in my book. Read all about it in It Takes Guts To Be Happy! Follow my dietary advice, such as taking sugar, wheat, and dairy products from your diet for 30 days. Take this step along with YEAST BE GONE CLEANSE to get the fastest healing possible.

Now also included in my line of supplements, and created mainly for sensitive people, is my newest product, YEAST BE GONE CLEANSE. Be sure to share your thoughts, questions, and comments with me! And, I look forward to hearing from you to guide your way to gut health and happiness.

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